亮光藝藏 TOV e&f ART & GALLERY,2023年6月於台北東區成立的藝廊空間,致力聚集有潛力的藝術創作者,展現不同藝術領域的作品;透過展覽、採訪、營銷及外部策展等方式介紹給大眾,期待藝術與創作可以更輕盈的走入人群,讓生活閃見藝術與創作美好的靈光。
「See good|看是好的」是我們對藝術創作的相信,對每個創作者的祝願。


TOV originates from Hebrew. In Genesis, God looked at His creations “and saw that it was good”. The original word used here to describe the goodness and the beauty was TOV.


TOV e&f ART & GALLERY, a gallery space established in Eastern District of Taipei in June 2023 aims to gather artists with potential to display their work, across various artistic fields. Through introducing the works to the public via exhibitions, interviews, and marketing campaigns, art and creative works can be approached by the mass in lissom light, bring the beautiful spark of art and creativity into everyday life.


“See good” is our core belief on the nature of artistic creation, and is also our blessing to every artist.


“Make every thing beautiful in its time” The creativity process takes time. We are willing to patiently witness the whole process, accompanying diligent artists just like yourself throughout the entire journey.


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Sole agent: Sign Fish Ltd